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Amru Rice’s Journey: From Investor to Top Exporter to Venture Partner for Remote Communities

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AMRU Rice’s Journey: From Investor to Top Exporter to Venture Parture for Remote Communities.

Saran Song produces organic rice in Cambodia for export. His business idea has been a resounding success and the company AMRU Rice is going from strength to strength. Since its foundation in 2011, the company’s output of fair trade organic rice has doubled every year.
Saran Song’s business idea has been met with great enthusiasm – particularly among farmers. “For a tonne of rice, we pay over the market price by 20% to 50% – that’s a good income.” 
Mr. Song is especially proud of this. The farmers also profi t straight away. “They get more money for the next harvest, rather than in three or five years’ time. We are improving the lives of our contract farmers now, not just at some point in the future. I can’t wait!”
Every year, the demand for organic rice in Europe, the USA, and the Asia region covers the quantity of rice produced by AMRU Rice right down to the last grain – despite the company’s rapid growth. In fact, this business has grown from the economically disadvantaged situation of rice farmers in the north of the country. One of the conditions for our exports is organic certification. 
As the contract farmers who now work for AMRU Rice had never used pesticides or GMOs, they were in an excellent position to fulfil the requirements right from the start. AMRU Rice approached the farmers to suggest tapping the opportunities offered by healthy organic conditions and rice free from chemical residues.
Amru Rice is the certified as BCSI, ISO22000:2005, GMP/HACCP, ESR by Intertek, SGS, TUV and EcoCert. The products are certified organic rice by EcoCert SA, France. 
Mr Song has created part-time jobs for over 400  people to work in Agriculture Cooperatives as part of the Internal Control System (internal inspectors), 200 full-time jobs and 70 part-time jobs in rice mills/factories. 
Another 5,000 family famers produce organic and sustainable rice.

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