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Cambodia is to open commercial centres in China to help Chinese investors understand the potential of Cambodia.
The centres will soon be established in some provinces, Prime Minister Hun Sen said on his Facebook page during his trip to the Commercial and Tourism Cooperation Forum in China on Tuesday.
The centres will exhibit samples of products and documents relating to trade, tourism, culture and investment.
They will also disseminate news for the benefit of people and investors.
Over the past two decades Cambodia had maintained a strong economic growth of 7.7 percent and is expected to continue to maintain an average growth of more than seven percent over the medium term, the prime minister wrote on Facebook.
He called on investors to participate as partners with Cambodia and assured them of returns on their investments.
Mr Hun Sen said there was political stability in the country that favoured foreign direct investment.
Commerce Ministry spokeswoman Seung Sophari said the centres would focus on investment, trade, tourism and culture.
“A business centre is already underway in Guangxi and sooner or later there will be a business centre in Shanghai and some other provinces,” Ms Sophari said.
“China is ranked as number one in term of investment in construction, mining and tourism. However there are not many Chinese investors in the tourism sector.”
The World Bank in a recent report said Cambodia’s real growth is projected to remain strong, expanding at 6.9 percent in 2017 and 2018.
“Construction activity continues to be vibrant as investor appetite for residential and commercial property remains strong, witnessed by continual growth in the number and value of construction projects approved in 2016,” said the World Bank.

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