Man stung to death by hornets

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A man was stung to death by hundreds of hornets on Friday in Kampong Thom province.
Pre Vor, 26, accidentally disturbed a nest of the insects when he climbed up a palm tree to collect fruit in Kor Koh commune, Santuk district.
Commune police chief Ly Moun Theang said a palm fruit had dropped from the tree and had fallen on the nest, causing the swarm to come out and attack the victim.
He said Mr Vor called for help, but villagers were unable to get there in time. He died in the provincial hospital.
“The victim was stung by many hornets. We could not count how many there were. His body turned black,” Mr Moung Theang said.
“No one knew there was a hornet nest in the tree and we do not know why he wanted the palm fruit, because he had never collected it before.”
The police chief said this was the first time anyone had been killed by hornets in the commune.

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