Winning the SIM card war

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The government has said it is winning the war against crooks and terrorists who hide behind unregistered SIM cards.
It is six months since SIM card vendors were required by law to demand proof of identification from everyone buying a new SIM card.
At the time the government directive was issued, a National Police official claimed 70 percent of the country’s 19.5 million SIM cards were unregistered.
Now, however, that figure has dived to just ten percent, according to the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC).
Im Vutha, from the TRC’s disputes department, said yesterday the regulator would cooperate with the Ministry of  Interior to bring down the number of unregistered cards even further.
He said the crackdown aimed to curtail the activities of criminals and terrorists, who benefited from the anonymity of unregistered SIM cards.
The TRC also said it had arrested one man for selling unregistered SIM cards and urged members of the public to report vendors that don’t check customers’ IDs.
“Our authority will take action against any dealers who sell SIM cards without registering customers’ identity cards,” Mr Vutha said.

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