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Ghost teachers on school payroll

Pav Suy / Khmer Times No Comments Share:

A circular distributed around the town of Battambang yesterday accused a local high school of paying teachers for times when they were absent and teaching at a private school.
The anonymous letter was addressed to the local department of education and asked it to investigate why Net Yang High School director Seng Kun was allowing teachers to get their full school salaries, even though they took time off to teach at the SOS Village NGO school.
The letter also blamed SOS Village for not restricting the status of teachers who resigned from the state school to teach at their school.
SOS Village declined to comment. Its receptionist hung up when the question was raised.
Net Yang High School director Seng Kun said that he was not interested in the letter and described its main accusation as baseless.
“Everything in it is not true,” he said. “How can the teachers not be present for their class if the attendance was strictly checked? 
“I don’t dare to say who is behind the letter but if they have evidence, they should come and confront me in person and talk,” he said.
Mr. Kun said his teachers often taught at the private school for extra income but they first had to fulfill their school hours before they could earn extra money. He said there were 153 staff at his school and almost all of them earned extra money by teaching at the NGO. 
Provincial education department director Ngy Seth said that he was not aware of the letter. “How can I conduct an investigation if I don’t know anything about the letter?” he said. 
“I can say that there is no such case happening. 
“We do a thorough check regularly about so-called ghost teachers.” 
Mr. Seth believes the letter was motivated by jealousy. 
 “Those few who cannot teach outside the school might get jealous of those who can,” he said.

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