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Acleda launches smart phone app

Sok Chan / Khmer Times Share:

Acleda Bank on Tuesday launched a smart phone app in an effort to reach low-income earners who do not use banks.
Unity ToanChet, a Fin-Tech application, lets customers carry out transactions anywhere and at any time.
The app is convenient, fast and secure, the bank says. It cuts costs and saves time by removing the need to go to the bank.
Customers can view account information and make fund transfers, payments, mobile top ups or payment for goods and services by QR code anytime and anywhere using their phone.
The bank is promoting the app by pointing to the reduced risks of carrying cash for payments, errors in payments and counterfeiting.
Customers will be able to view information about the bank such as branch locations, ATMs and point of sale network.
Details of exchange rates, promotions, FAQs, security tips, help and news will also be accessible.
Bank president In Channy said the free Unity ToanChet service would be available to everyone from low to high-income earners.
He said the app had been developed by Cambodians and that the expertise to develop the app was Khmer. Acleda senior officials with the skills had been trained in Cambodia and in foreign countries.
Mr. Channy did not say how much it cost to develop the app but said it was the latest technology.
He said that almost all kinds of smart phones running iOS or Android can be connected with Acleda’s Unity ToanChet service.
Customers must provide an identity card, family record book, passport or other comparable identification document with a photo.
Mr. Channy said customers can store up to $2,500 in the Unity ToanChet account and there is no limit for payment or daily transactions between sellers and purchasers.
Customers can transfer $0.25 to $500 per transaction to another person.
“We recommend that all customers should have the account as it is easily to make transactions,” Mr. Channy said.
“We have 22 partners, including malls, supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants.
“We aim to reach 2 million people to use this new service in the next five years,” he added.
“Now, we have more than 3000 point of sale machines, so we hope that we will have more than 3,000 partners, and those partners will connect with Acleda Unity ToanChet. Acleda will print the [QR] code for them so they can make transactions with Unity ToanChet.”
Acleda Bank has 260 branches, 349 ATM, 3,280 point of sale machines, more than 800,000 debit cards and 12,000 credit cards.
It has 6,000 internet banking subscribers, and 22 companies have signed up as contract partners with Acleda for e-commerce.

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