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More rice exporters given access to China

Sok Chan / Khmer Times Share:

Beijing has agreed to increase the number of Cambodian rice exporters allowed to sell to the Chinese mainland.
The Ministry of Agriculture has been advised that eight more companies will be granted licenses, taking the total to 34.
The ministry had appealed directly to Beijing to widen Cambodia access to the lucrative Chinese market and will now be able to issue the necessary export certificates to the eight new traders. They do not have their own mills and will need to strike deals with the 26 who do in order to qualify to export their rice.
Hean Vanhan, director-general of the ministry’s general directorate of agriculture, said the eight companies had to fulfil two conditions before they could proceed.
“They must attach to their application forms either their own sale receipts or the relevant export document from the 26 rice mills already approved by Beijing,” said Mr. Vanhan. “These must show that the quantity and packaging of the consignment complies with details on the export application.
“All traders must also stock their rice in warehouses or rice mills in advance of approval being given for the rice to be exported.”
China is Cambodia’s biggest market for milled rice and imported 67,000 metric tons in the first quarter.
Last December, Beijing asked Cambodia to evaluate its rice exporters to ensure they adhered to China’s hygiene laws because officials in the world’s second largest economy did not trust all of the 71 rice exporters registered with the Ministry of Commerce.
A delegation of Chinese experts then visited Cambodia and inspected the quality and safety standards at 28 of the 71 rice mills approved by the Ministry of Commerce. China ruled that 26 of the 28 passed the rigorous inspections and they started exporting in January.

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