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Misbehaving foreigners banned

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
Interior Minister Sar Kheng at the ministry’s annual meeting. KT/Chor Sokunthea

More than 3,500 foreigners committed immigration offenses last year and more than 800 were banned from returning to Cambodia, the Interior Ministry’s report for 2016 said yesterday.
The report, which also sets directions for 2017, said 322 foreigners were involved in criminal cases and 53 were barred from entering the country.
Immigration offenses included unclear purpose of travel, being on a list of names banned from entering Cambodia, using fake passports and visas and having expired passports.
Crimes included the use of fake US dollars, and smuggling phones, rhino horns and drugs.
Others came to the country after committing economic crimes in China or arrived with a gun magazine in their bag.
Crimes also included falsifying public documents, illegal marriage, illegal drug use and trafficking, use of violence, human trafficking and detention, fraud and cheating, sexual abuse of children and causing traffic accidents.
Others sold pornography, raised money illegally, kidnapped for ransom using technology, ran internet betting or committed transnational crimes.
The report added that 113 foreigners died from disease, traffic accidents, suicide, murders or drowning and 73 foreigners were injured in accidents.
Interior Minister Sar Kheng said at the opening of the ministry’s annual meeting that the ministry had increased foreigner management and cross-border management.
It had strengthened immigrant management by continuing to check documents they are holding, both legal and illegal. 
He said: “Meanwhile, immigration police have cooperated with authorities at all levels to conduct research, arrest and expel immigrants from the country amounting to nearly 3,000 people in 2016.” 
People Center for Development and Peace president Yong Kim Eng said that although foreigner management is slightly better, the government seems not to show the willingness to prepare a specific system, which made some foreigners cause trouble and commit crimes.
He blamed corruption at the border gate which made the problems worse. 
However, the ministry says that, through the direction for 2017, it will strengthen visa provisions and border passes at the international border gates.
Foreigners who apply to marry Cambodian people would be identified and immigrants would be managed properly.
Crime target data would be checked and illegal foreigners who intend to come to Cambodia would be monitored. 
The country would continue to research, prevent and repress targeted transnational crimes and other offenses.

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