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SIM card sellers face crackdown

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
SIM card sellers face court if they breach the rules. Supplied

National Police officials have promised tough action against those who sell SIM cards without copying buyers’ national identity cards, saying the practice may have a dangerous impact on society.
Chea Pov, director of the National Police’s counter-technology crime department, confirmed the strict measures yesterday, saying that authorities will not pardon anyone selling SIM cards without making a copy of the buyer’s ID.
“This action affects social order and is contrary to the law as well,” he said.
Mr. Pov added that officials would use measures to send those people to court if they are found secretly selling SIM cards to customers without requiring national identification.
Last week, National Police officials cracked down and arrested nine people for questioning who had sold SIM cards without requiring ID.
“After questioning all of them, we continued to arrest a 10th person who is the mastermind and head of SIM card distribution. We have already prepared the case for court,” said Mr. Pov.
He said this was the first time National Police officials had arrested anyone for the crime. Previously they just issued guidance to people and let them go.
Mr. Pov appealed to all citizens to cooperate with authorities by telling police if they know or see someone selling SIM cards without copying buyers’ ID cards.
A phone and SIM card seller at Russian Market who declined to be named told Khmer Times yesterday that he had never sold a SIM card to anyone without an ID because he worried that person might use the number for a crime, which would involve him as well.
“Most people buying SIM cards at my shop are youths. I must ask them to give me the original ID card for me to copy it,” he said.

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