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Almost 200kg of bush meat seized

Pav Suy / Khmer Times Share:
Officials prepare to burn the confiscated meat. Supplied

Officials raided a Stung Treng provincial market on Tuesday morning, confiscating nearly 200 kilograms of bush meat, but the sellers managed to escape before the officials arrived.
Vuthy Ravong, the project manager of Wildlife Alliance’s Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team, said his officials cooperated with the forestry administration to carry out the raid.
“We raided the market, but could not arrest the sellers,” he said.
“We got more than 170 kilograms of bush meat. My associates from the mobile team against wildlife crime went there.”
The meat seized included 80 kilograms of boar, 81 kilograms of sambar, 6.5 kilograms of red mutjac, three kilograms of dried sambar meat, two kilograms of dried monkey meat and five porcupine stomachs, according to a forestry administration report.
The sambar is a large deer native to the Indian subcontinent, southern China and Southeast Asia, while the red mutjac, also called barking deer, is a deer species native to South and Southeast Asia.
“Normally, we don’t inform the local authority. The scope of our work is nationwide, so we never tell them beforehand as we don’t want the information to be leaked,” Mr. Ravong said.
“We only inform them after we have already raided and confiscated the evidence.
“We are the law enforcement that strictly abides by the law. We normally wear plain clothes to cover our uniforms so we can mingle with normal people.
“The meat was burned at the forestry administration office in Stung Treng province. We invited two members of the media to come and report the story to function as witnesses.”
In December, more than 100 kilograms of bush meat was confiscated from the same Stung Treng provincial market, while in October, two separate raids netted more than 130 kilograms of bush meat. A Wildlife Alliance official said at the time that these crackdowns occur often, about two or three times a month.
Also in December, military police raided a restaurant in Stung Treng province, seizing about 70 kilograms of bush meat and arresting the owner, who was released after signing a contract agreeing not to sell bush meat in the future.

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