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Minister: Price not a problem for Angkor visitors

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Ho Vandy. Supplied

Just days into the increase of ticket prices for the Angkor Archeological Park, the Tourism Minister lauded the move saying that the doubling in cost had no impact on visitors. Tourism Minister Thong Khon said yesterday that just four days into the price hike, 10,093 tickets had been sold, amounting to a revenue of $496,621. 

“The revised ticket prices to visit Angkor does not seem to have affected the mood of visitors. Angkor remains the most famous tourist destination in the world and in the region,” he said but stopped short of comparing sales figures from the same period last year. 

“Moreover, if there is a check on the type of ticket that guests have purchased, we can also evaluate exactly whether the diversification strategy to get tourists to stay longer in Siem Reap province has also been successful.”

According to the minister, 5,225 one-day tickets were sold, each for $37, an increase from $20 previously. The second most popular were the three-day passes, valid for one week, with 4,720 sold for $62 each followed by 148 one-week passes, valid for a month, sold for $72 each. 

Three-day passes were previously $40 while week-long passes were sold for $60. 

“Furthermore, visitors are quite comfortable with the sales system which is affordable and user-friendly, and does not force them to visit the site for three or seven consecutive days as the validity period is flexible. So tourists might hang around in Cambodia or in the area for much longer,” he added. 

However Cambodia National Tourism Alliance secretary-general Ho Vandy said that the doubling of ticket prices could result in a slowdown of visitors to the World Heritage site. 

“Let’s see after the first three months into the implementation of the new prices and we will know exactly whether it has been effective,” Mr. Vandy said.

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