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Further clarification on the Salisbury incident

Russian Embassy in Phnom Penh / Khmer Times Share:
The Russian flag waves in the wind on the rooftop of the Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco, California, U.S., September 2, 2017. Reuters

On March 22 the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the United States issued a statement on the Salisbury incident:

We couldn’t help but notice the comments coming from the White House, National Security Council, the US State Department and the US Embassy in Moscow on March 21 with threats to “hold Russia accountable for its illegal actions” with regard to the Salisbury incident.

Our efforts to get the facts from our British colleagues on the incident have been futile. Meanwhile, they go out of their way to support groundless accusations against Russia on poisoning its own citizens and attack on Britain. They furiously persuade their partners to support them in this issue without presenting any facts. We are confident that even though everybody understands everything, the Russophobes are left with no choice but aggressively to cover their weakness with their “solidarity” stance amongst all this hysteria, which has taken the West by storm.

We hope that US diplomats in future contacts with their British counterparts will attempt to find answers for the public to at least these four questions:

1. Where is Sergei Skripal and his daughter now?

2. On what grounds do they violate the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations denying representatives of the Russian Embassy in London a meeting with a Russian citizen?

3. Why did the official spokesman of the Scotland Yard announce that the investigation will take months, while the British government had already delivered a verdict without a trial.

4. Why didn’t Britain present samples of the nerve agent (A234) to Russia, as prescribed by the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)? When will London begin its cooperation with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons following clear and simple procedures of the Convention?

Let’s stop demonising Russia. Enough threatening Russia and its diplomats, who some politicians once again suggest to deport. It is high time to stop blaming us for every sin

We strongly urge Washington to present proof of the “unlawful Russian actions”. It is quite simple, if the US has the evidence, that is. Alternatively, they can come clean, admit its absence and apologise. That is what decent people would do.

We would like to remind that any rhetoric of power in dialogue with Russia is counterproductive. Although we cannot prevent using it for domestic purposes.

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Cambodia – Phnom Penh

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