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Get involved in environmental protection with new app

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times Share:

Are you concerned about environmental issues in Cambodia? Be a part of solving the problem by reducing rubbish on the road or anywhere else that needs to be cleaned up with a few clicks your smartphone. Go Green is a mobile application that allows you to help solve environmental issues in your own country through everyday activities. This app is created for people who want to get involved in making our cities cleaner.

Furthermore, this mobile application also provides a lot of information about events related to the environment via the Environment Event Collection function. You can make your country green with Go Green app. There are a few main functions provided in the app to allow you to make your environment look cooler in surroundings you help to create. It is recommended for anyone who cares about the environment, as it brings positive changes to the environment by engaging people to all get on the same page. Anybody can be an environmentalist whenever they want to be. Go Green can be a tool for getting involved in protecting the environment. Get this mobile application for free on Google Play; it will soon be available on App Store.

Create your own account

After getting this app on your smartphone, you need to create an account in order to access the app and use the functions, such as getting information about events and sharing information.

Pin locations

You can pin clean or filthy places using this newly built mobile app. Give it a green smiley face if the place is good, or a red mad face if the place is home to lots of rubbish.

Environmental event sharing

Apart from reporting about places, users can also host clean-up events or ask for trash cans to be placed. Most importantly, they can challenge their friends to see who has reported the most and who is going to fall into what categories as stated by the app.

Personal profile

This function shows how active you are in environmental sharing and caring. You can also invite your friends on Facebook to join you in this app to clean the city together. Additionally, you can switch the language and choose the one you feel comfortable with.

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