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Officials request intervention over unpaid stipend

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Fifteen officials from the public works department in Ratanakkiri province have sent a letter to the provincial authority to find out why their stipend from October to December 2017 has not been paid.

According to the petition letter issued yesterday, the officials are unhappy their stipend has not been paid by the provincial treasury department.

Min Sodany, a representative of the officials, said the officials decided to thumbprint the letter to suggest the provincial treasury department to pay their stipend, which amounted to about $250 for each official over three months last year.

“They are late to pay by nearly three months now. They did not get paid their stipend from October to December 2017,” he said.

In the letter, they suggest the provincial treasury department pay their stipend on time.

“Paying the stipend late affects the officials because they really need it to support their lives,” the letter said.

Sar Samei, chief accountant of the treasury department in Ratanakkiri province, said the officials had not been paid because their stipend request form was dated wrong and needed to be corrected.

“The provincial treasury department will pay them when their stipend form is correct. The form is wrong – that’s why they haven’t been paid,” he said.

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