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Nearly 6,000 vehicles with unpaid tax

Mom Sophon / Khmer Times Share:
The GDT found 5,823 vehicles with unpaid tax, amounting to $1.22 million including fines. KT/Mai Vireak

Tax on nearly 6,000 vehicles across the country has not been paid on time as required, according to an inspection by the Ministry of Economy and Finance’s General Department of Taxation.

A press release by the GDT signed on March 16 and released yesterday said the inspection campaign ran from February 2 to March 15.

The GDT and relevant police forces found that tax has not been paid on 5,823 vehicles throughout the country, which amounted to about $1.22 million, including fines.

“The General Department of Taxation, in cooperation with authorities, went to important target areas to monitor the collection of tax on all kinds of vehicles for 2017 within the nationwide framework in order to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of this tax revenue collection,” the press release said.

The GDT reminded the owners of companies and members of the public to hurry and pay tax on their vehicles at provincial tax branches or various local banks to avoid having their vehicles stopped by police or tax officials.

“The General Department of Taxation’s working teams will continue to monitor and check vehicles,” the press release added.

The deadline for paying vehicle tax for 2017 was November 30.

Transport Minister Sun Chanthol said in the past that there were about 500,000 cars on the roads nationwide, with about 30,000 to 40,000 cars imported to the country each year.

Lim Lyheng, a second-hand car dealer, said he did not buy vehicles that had expired annual tax or road tax stickers.

“When I see a vehicle with expired road tax, I do not buy it. I require the car owner to pay this tax first,” he said. “If we buy and pay the tax by ourselves, the authorities will fine us.”

San Chey, executive director of the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability, said the efficiency of tax collection is better when the government allows the tax to be paid at some bank branches.

“I would especially like cars with RCAF, State and National Police licence plates to be inspected because those kinds of vehicles easily violate the law using their power. The avoidance of paying tax by vehicles with those licence plates is a loss to the state.”

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