Australia grants Cambodia $67 million aid

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Cambodia’s Prime Minister and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shake hands for the press. Facebook/Hun Sen

The Australian government has agreed to grant AU$ 87 million (US$67.7 million to Cambodia to promote its development in 2018.

Hun Sen addressed those Cambodians living on the Australian continent who congregated in Sydney to great him at the Asean-Australia Special Summit.

He told them of his talks with Mr Turnbull on the side-lines of the summit, of the grant, that Mr Turnbull would like to see more Australians invest in Cambodia, and that he encourages further cooperation between the two countries.

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Hun Sen added that the Australian government also promised to provide other aid to Cambodia.

Kao Kim Hourn, a minister attached to the Prime Minister’s entourage, informed the media of the meeting between the premiers, and of Australia’s willingness to continue supporting development in the Kingdom.

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  1. Well done Mr Turnbull ..

    Another soft and limp political approach thats costing australian taxpayers a fortune !!!

    I was pretty confident we Australians were against supporting dictatorships and non democratic rogue states

    How much do you think we should give away to the balance of the dictatorships around the world ?

    Maybe you should take a trip over there on us and have a look at how the political system works in the kingdom ..

    Its kind of the same as here in name
    ” The preferential voting system”

    If you dont
    Prefer to vote for Hun Sen then you are going to be persecuted by continuing to be impovrished
    And denied basic democratic rights such as the right to vote , the right to free speech etc .. as darren use to say


    Another opportinity to
    STAND UP ….

    So STAND UP KHMERS , Revolt against this oppression !!!

  2. Im on a pension and look after a friend which is very ill. Im 65 years okd and is moving back for my friend to be close to his family because of his health and its much cheaper to live. I asked the goverment if i could get help to move the furniture back home as its had on a pension i have offered to pay the money back but i didnt even get a reply from them i only need $4500 but they can give other countrys big big dollars and i cannot get help thats so very bad. I have payed tax all my working like for what ?????

  3. So that means he is cutting his pay n all politicians pays as well.
    Not bloody likely more of hard working tax payers $$$$gone over seas again.
    That money could be used in our own country, what deal do we as Australians get mmmmm

  4. This is a criminal act in my opinion. This govt is borrowing money that we do not have to give to other countries!
    Our grandchildren and their children are left to pick up the bill in the future. Utterly irresponsible.
    Surely treasonable!

  5. My wife has had 3 strokes and cant access the correct myaged care package but we can give money to overseas country’s. Jow about looking after our own first.

  6. This government needs to look after our own back yard instead of giving billions to other countries.

  7. Shame, Shame, Shame, bloody giving money to overseas bludgers, but giving bugger all to AUSTRALIAN seniors and pensioners.

    what a big lad off BULLSHIT!!!!!

  8. This is SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS. SURELY IT IS TREASON OR FRAUD to give away millions of$$ to a country when we are in so much debt. Where us the checks and balancing of the Nations checkbook? Where are the auditors or the corruption Police. ? Who gave Turnbull and Bishoo the OK.? Did Morrison announce this in the 2017-2018 budget?