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Minister wants doctors at factory infirmaries

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Minister of Labour Ith Samheng at a graduation. MOL

The Minister of Labour yesterday suggested that recently graduated doctors should find work at factory infirmaries following a government push for garment factories to take better care of their workers.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony for 500 medical doctors at the International University in Phnom Penh, Labour Minister Ith Samheng appealed to unemployed doctors to help factories fill vacant positions.

He said that some doctors who just graduated did not have a job yet so they could come to work at an infirmary.

“Not all doctors who have just graduated are employed, so I appeal to some of them to work at an infirmary to help the workers at their workplace,” he said.

Leng Tong, director of the Labour Ministry’s Occupational Health and Safety Department, said 88 percent of a total of 1,200 enterprises already had infirmaries.

He said only 12 percent did not have infirmaries yet so it was a good chance for doctors who were still unemployed to find work.

“Some factories really need doctors to work for them. Doctors who just graduated from school need to get more experience so they could join to work at their infirmaries,” he said.

Mr Samheng noted that almost all workers have health insurance with the National Social Security Fund.

In December, Mr Samheng said that all factories must have infirmaries for their staff from 2018 onwards to improve the welfare and safety of workers at factories and industrial enterprises.

According to the Guidelines for the Establishment of Enterprise Infirmaries, the infirmary must be located near the workplace with easy access for patients, sufficient light, a good atmosphere, and far away from workplace noise, garbage, dust, smoke and foul smells.

The infirmary shall be run by a physician and assisted by one or more nurses, based on the number of workers.

When there are more than 200 workers, the infirmary must include, in addition to medicines and bandages, areas for hospitalising the injured or sick before they are transferred to a hospital.

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