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Japanese, Cambodian students share robot-making skills

Say Tola / Khmer Times Share:
Cambodian-Japanese students share techniques in making robots at ITC. KT/Say Tola

The embassy of Japan recently hosted a programme to welcome 22 Japanese delegation including 18 Japanese students and teacher of three colleges of national institute of technology of their visit to Cambodia from 6 to 13 March under the JENESYS programme (Japan East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth).

Taking place at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) on 9 and 10 March, there were many students from Institute of Technology of Cambodia, National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia (NPIC) and Japanese students participated aiming to create robot together.

According to Dr Om Romny, director general of ITC mentioned that Japanese students are taught some professional skill since there are in high school. Therefore, the collaboration of this school exchange urged student to understand more regarding to their skill and technique they have been educated.

“These students can begin by understanding one another in term of ideas and culture. When they are closed and understood, they could make good robots which can be competed.”

He added that it is really crucial creating robot in this generation as he could replace some human’s work in industry sector. However, to make useful robot is not really easy for this beginners, yet this experience can guide them to be on the right track.

“It sounds easy in speech, yet it is tough in practical. To create a good concept of robot, these students also have to apply lots of computer engineering aiming to make balanced robot, as smart metal.” added Dr Romny.

We hope to bring more Japanese students to Cambodia as we want to promote and exchange our culture and understand among each other. More than that, it is really crucial to have this school exchange as students can learn from each other, said Suzuki Yumi, first secretary of the Embassy of Japan in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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