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Around the city with FastGo Taxi

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times Share:

Here’s a sad truth: going around Phnom Penh with a Tuk-tuk can be very tricky, and sometimes irritating, especially when it’s time to pay the driver. The negotiation to pay an amount that’s favourable for both the driver and the passenger can take you forever. And some people aren’t as patient as others.

So, if you’re planning to go to the supermarket, to the Independence Monument or anywhere, FastGo Taxi mobile application is your perfect travel companion! The app, which was launched in December last year, offers you the most reasonable prices for your rickshaw, taxi or car rides.

The booking is convenient and with just a few clicks on your mobile phones, your ride will be at your doorstep. Users just need to set their location of pick-up point and tap their desired destination so nearby drivers can be notified. The nearest available driver will then accept your booking. The estimated prices for each ride will reflect on the app even before the driver comes so there’s no need to worry about overpricing. With FastGo Taxi, you can also choose between different types of vehicles depending on your need. But the prices for the vehicles vary. All the drivers are using GPS so they will know and reach the exact location to pick you up or drop you off.

Just a reminder, all the vehicles and drivers registered on this app are not owned by the app developers. They operate their businesses independently. The app is just for booking a ride. But with its great and reliable service, it’s basically a truly good deal.


Travel information

Always make sure that the location button on your mobile phones or tablets is turned on so it’s easier for you to set your pick-up point and destination. With the GPS, the driver won’t have a hard time to get to you, and you’ll know the vehicle’s location and movement as well. All the registered drivers are taught to pick their passengers as fast as possible, so you won’t have to wait for very long.

Travel information

Ride cost

The developers of FastGo taxi uses an improved fare calculation algorithms. The minimum fare for the rickshaw is 3,000 riels; while fares for classic cars and SUVs start at 6,000 riels and 7,000 riels, respectively. Whatever ride you choose, you will be assured that the fares are computed accurately. There are no hidden charges, too. But here’s a tip: to avoid confusions and short-changing, prepare the exact amount of money for your fare.

Favourite location

If you’re using this app constantly, it will allow you to set your favourite locations or the places you frequently go to. This will save you time zooming in and out of the map to tap the exact place you want to go to. You will only need to click the location you encoded as your favourite and the driver will know where exactly to take you.

Driver information

Safety is everyone’s concern. We all want to be sure that the drivers we are entrusting our lives to when we travel will spare us from any harm. With FastGo Taxi, you will be assured of a comfortable and safe ride until you reach your destination. When you book a ride, you will be given the necessary information about your driver. You can also cancel your booking if you don’t feel at ease with him. But don’t think too much. FastGo Taxi drivers are generally good-natured.

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