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Two villagers injured in a clash with armed authority

Khy Sovuthy and Khuon Narim / Khmer Times Share:
Villagers confronting with armed authority in Kratie’ Snuol district in a land disputed. Swiftnews

At least two villagers among 200 were injured when they confronted with about 100 officials in Kratie’s Snuol district on Thursday afternoon.


About 200 disgruntled villagers gathered and blocked national route 76 A in Kratie province’s Snuol district today and destroyed an excavator as officials and rubber company were measuring the boundary of the rubber company, an official said.

Kong Kimny, Snuol district governor, said that about 200 people blocked route 76 A in Snuol district today when about 100 officials, including Memot Rubber Plantation Company attempted to measure and build a boundary of company’s land.

Mr Kimny said that most of the protesters were armed with wood sticks, machetes, slingshots, metal pipes and home-made rifles and prevented officials from entering the land.

“They use slingshot and home-made rifles to attack our officials first, leaving some of our forces injured on their heads and bodies,” he said “Then our authority shot into the air to scare them away many times.”

“Two people got injured. One person is injured on the thigh and another is injured at the buttock and they are transferred to district referral hospital. Our injured officials are also sent there,” said Mr Kimny.

Gen. Kirt Chantharith, spokesman for National Police told Khmer Times that the information he received and confirmed with police in Kratie province only two villagers got injured.

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