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Bokator documentary garners NOCC support

Ismail Vorajee / Khmer Times Share:
wikimedia/Stefano Kocka & Tomasz Niepsuj/CC BY 4.0

The National Olympic Committee of Cambodia is partnering with Canadian film producers of the feature-length documentary movie ‘Surviving Bokator’.

The National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) announced the partnership with Canada’s Cineboxx Film & Television at a press conference yesterday and said they would assist in any way possible.

NOCC Secretary general Vath Chamroeun noted that, according to the principles of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia, the film connects with the NOCC’s commitment to promoting the national sport of Bokator.

By partnering with Canadian producers, the secretary-general called on sponsors to help grow the popularity of the ancient Khmer martial art.

The press conference was attended by Mr Chamroeun, Grand Master San Kim Sean, and documentary director and cinematographer Mark Bochsler.

The resurgence of Bokator in recent years bodes well for Cambodia and is largely thanks to the work of the NOCC and San Kim Sean, renowned as the father of modern bokator and credited with reviving the art.

The fighting style suffered greatly during the Khmer Rouge years, when many people who were proficient in traditional martial arts were systematically exterminated, fled as refugees or were forced into hiding. The martial art is also in line to gain UNESCO cultural-heritage status.

‘Surviving Bokator’ has been selected to screen at the 8th Cambodia International Film Festival and will premiere tonight.

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