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China training journalists from 44 countries

Ros Chanveasna / Khmer Times Share:
The reporters take part in a seminar. KT/Ros Chanveasna

BEIJING, China – Forty-six foreign journalists from 44 countries are taking part in a media exchange programme here aimed at promoting cooperation between China and participating countries.


The program was organized by the China Public Diplomacy Association under the 2018 China-Africa Press Centre and China-Asia Pacific Press Centre Media Exchange Programme.

It is aimed at enhancing mutual understanding and building a foundation for China’s further bilateral exchanges and regional cooperation with participants.

The journalists from South Asian and Southeast Asian countries, including Cambodia, as well as from the African region are to take10-month courses from February until December.

The journalists will have an opportunity to interview high-ranking Chinese officials from ministries and departments, exchange views with Chinese academics, visit Chinese media organisations and cover major political events, according to Chen Zhe, director of CAPC.

“The journalists will have a chance to cover major events in China such as the annual sessions of the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress,” he said.

Mr Chen said the journalists were scheduled to visit provinces and cities across the country and some Chinese universities related to media and traditional Chinese culture.

“Journalists will also have a two-month internship at various Chinese media organisations in their chosen outlets such as the Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, CGTN, People’s Daily, and China Radio International,” said Mr Chen.

One of the participants, Greggy Naguit Eugenio, a Filipino reporter, said the 10-month media exchange programme would be a good venue to share China’s expertise with third-world countries.

“This programme will create good ties between China and participating nations,” he said. “Through the programme, I believe that I will gain more knowledge, confidence and camaraderie that money can’t buy.” Last year, 42 journalists from African, South and Southeast Asian countries participated in the programme.

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