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PM blasts Aussie MP Hong Lim

Khy Sovuthy / Khmer Times Share:
: Hun Sen speaks at Youth Volunteer Doctors' Association. KT/ Mai Vireak

Prime Minister Hun Sen blasted Cambodian born Hong Lim in a speech held before the Youth Volunteer Doctors’ Association at Koh Pich on March 2.  Mr Hong is a member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, and publicly criticized the Cambodian powers that be.

Hong Lim was banned from returning to Cambodia after he called the government “beastly”.

Hun Sen finds such conduct detrimental to Australia and said “I understand more and more about the difficulty of the Australian prime minister, he being the host and co-chairman of the meeting between Asean members and Australia [March 17-18].”

He added that “He [Hong Lim] is a member of the opposition party in Australia and not of the ruling party, so he barks without stop … I use the word bark, like a dog.”

Cambodian protesters have burned effigies of Mr Hun Sen as a response to his threat to beat up any protesters who burned his photo when he visits Sydney for the Special Summit.

The PM has said “If you burn my photo, I will follow you to your home …  You have the right to burn my photo, I have the right to fight you, and so it’s fine. You have your right, I have my right.”

He also warned that burning photos of him would bring curses upon the protesters’ families.

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