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Chinese Eco-Company to Create More Green Mountains and Clear Water Along the Belt and Road

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Kubuqi national desert park

On the 5th of December, 2017, Mr.Wangwenbiao, chairman of Chinese leading Eco-company Elion Resources Group, was honored “champion of the earth” life-time achievements on the 3rd UN environment assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, for his 30 years dedication with his team on transforming the vast, barren desert of Kubuqi into today’s lush oasis.

Kubuqi Desert in Inner Mongolia, the 7th largest desert in China, is now Kubuqi national desert park, covered by green mountains and clean lakes. Political leaders, scholars and entrepreneurs all around the world are gathered here biennially to attend the Kubuqi international desert forum, discussing global issues including the desertification control, innovation in ecological technologies, green finance and poverty eradication.

Satellite mapping of Kubuqi in Aug. 2000

Chinese President Xi Jinping has proposed the concept of “green development” and the green “Belt and Road”, and said that “green mountains and clear water are as good as mountains of gold and silver.” The Kubuqi international desert Forum specifically themed on “Green Belt and Road ” .

Over the past 30 years, Elion Resources Group successfully afforested an area of over 6,000 square kilometers of the Kubuqi Desert, lifted 100,000 local people out of poverty, recovered the rainfall and biodiversity, and forged a green economic value chain, based on which the desertification control model that is distinctively Chinese and at the same time world-class had been established, creating stretches of vibrant green oases among the large parcels of barren and sandy land in North China. It’s a replicable and practical solution contributed by China to the global ecological restoration.

As the key business of Elion, its ecosystem restoration has developed a wide range of tasks. Apart from combating desertification, Elion also tackles water pollution, soil degradation, green energy, and built on the basis of restoring the ecosystems of mountains, waters, forests, fields and grasslands, Elion is providing an integrated space for green industries, green life, cultural tourism and big data services.Kubuqi National Desert Park is attracting millions of tourists every year.

Satellite mapping of Kubuqi in Aug. 2014

The United Nations Environment Programme and the Elion Foundation together established The Belt and Road Innovation Center for Desert Green Economy, which is endeavoring to extend the Kubuqi Model to countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

In today’s Kubuqi, flocks of sheep are grazing under the solar panels, which are feeding electricity into the power grid; the boundless, starry sky above the darkened desert is attracting more and more people from virtually everywhere; and the local organic vegetables and fruits are now among the most popular green food in China.In Kubuqi, ecological restoration is achieving huge development and realizing large-scale poverty alleviation.

The global community is calling for Elion to share its experience and to promote the Kubuqi model around the world, especially the belt and road region, Elion believes that an effective ecological restoration represents not only a powerhouse for the improvement of people’s lives, or the sustainable and healthy development of economy and society, but also a significant opportunity for extending Chinese values along the Belt and Road and benefiting the global community.

As Mr. Wangwenbiao puts it in his award speech, “On the conviction that “green mountains, clear water are worth silver and gold” I will continue my marathon run from Kubuqi to the countries along the Belt and Road, and across the world, to fight against deserts for more oases and happiness for our people.”

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