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Soft drinks destroyed

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
Authorities burn the expired beverages. DAP News

More than four tonnes of expired beverages have been destroyed at a garbage dump in Battambang city’s O’Char commune, according to the government’s import-export body.

Hak Sokrin, the head of Camcontrol in Battambang province, said yesterday that 250 boxes of confiscated juice and soft drinks were burned on Wednesday.

“There were many brands that customs officials confiscated. The owners of the goods did not come to pay the tax and they expired, so we decided to destroy them,” he said.

Mr Sokrin added that Camcontrol officers regularly monitored local shops and markets in the province to find expired goods and goods containing chemicals.

“We have confiscated some goods which will be destroyed because consuming expired products affects the health of consumers, causing diarrhoea or other viruses in the body,” he said.

Health Ministry spokesman Ly Sovann said in the past that consuming poor-quality food or food containing chemical substances could cause short-term health effects such as vomiting or diarrhoea, and long-term health effects including cancer and inflammation of the stomach, intestines, kidney and liver.

“Please pay attention to your health. You must buy food at hygienic places. Do not buy food you suspect has been adulterated with chemicals to look fresh, and do not buy food that is cheaper than normal because it is of poor quality, has expired or has added chemicals,” he said.

Expert officials have also appealed to buyers and sellers alike to check the quality of food properly before selling or consuming it, and clearly check the origin of the product in order to avoid ill health effects.

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