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Khmer Physics Formula

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times Share:

Learn physics equations with the “Khmer Physic Formulas” mobile application. As the first Khmer-language educational app devoted to physics equations, it is an invaluable study tool. This app provides the user with an easy way to learn and remember the rules and formulas used in a high school physics class. “Khmer Physic Formulas” is of great benefit to secondary school students.

This app is particularly recommended for Grade 12 students who need a reference for equations. No need to search through your textbook; with just a few clicks on this app, you can locate the formulas you need to complete your exercises. “Khmer Physic Formulas” was designed using sample UI technology, which makes using it fast and smooth.

This educational mobile application provides all physics formulas for use in grades 7-12. Moreover, it also provides content value and symbols which make learning more convenient. All the formulas you need are here at the tap of a finger. This convenient application is available for download free of charge from both App Store and Google Play.

Start by downloading the App

Start by downloading the app for free on your phone. No need to create an account to see the equations. All of the contents of this app are provided in the Khmer language, so no need to bother translating technical words. Just click on the formula you want and you will actually see the formula, explanations on how to use it and an example problem and solution using the formula.


Select a function

When you open the app, at the top right of the screen you will see extra function buttons. By selecting these, many functions are provided such equations for particular secondary school grades, the international standard formulas, symbols and data used in calculating, and more. Learn more and gain more knowledge with the “Khmer Physic Formulas” mobile app, available for free from your favorite app store.

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