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‘Domnok Chheam Ler Phnom Neakreach’

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Written by well-known author Kong Bunchoeun, “Domnok Chheam Ler Phnom Neakreach” (The drop of blood on Neakreach Mountain), mainly revolves around the conflicts between three students. However, though it looks to be primarily about various conflicts, hatred, greed and jealousy, the story also reflects on some thought-provoking consequences, which readers can learn from if they think critically.

In “Domnok Chheam Ler Phnom Neakreach”, the three students share a common teacher, but their interests differ quite widely. The story seems really classical, because all the characters and situations discuss the study of magic, which really depends on the good and evil spirits within each student.

Chongkom Kev, Chongkom Pech, and Kal Mekh are the three students mentioned in the story. After their teacher is killed by Kal Mekh due to his evil and greedy desire to control territory, the three students are separated and continue studying — either fighting or magic — out of a desire to achieve their goal of controlling the territory of Aranh.

Out of greed, Kal Mekh, after killing his teacher, abducts the teacher’s daughter in an attempt to force her to love him back. But Sela Mony, the beautiful girl trapped by Kal Mekh, detests him because he always commits acts that will result in bad karma, including taking young women’s virginity just to satisfy himself. He threatens to kill Sela Mony’s sister if Sela Mony doesn’t agree to marry him. Hearing this, she sends a message by a carrier bird to inform her sister. Unluckily, the bird is killed by a student of Chongkom Kev named Sakda Vuth.

Since his teacher’s death, Changkom Kev has been living in a different place, where he teaches two students, who he hopes will eventually protect Aranh and make peace for its people. After seeing his student kill the bird, he tells the story of these girls’ backgrounds and assigns him to help and inform Chenda Mony (Sela Mony’s sister) who lives in a temple in another part of the territory.

Sakda Vuth goes to meet and inform her, but he doesn’t come back as his teacher requested, because he falls for a trick devised by Chenda Mony; she wants him to protect her and fight Kal Mekh.

While Sakda Vuth fails to return, another student, Chul Vek, tries really hard to practice fighting. Meanwhile, locked in the temple, Sela Mony is really suffering. She takes a scarf to wipe her tears, but a strong wind snatches the scarf, which flies away and lands on the head of Chul Vek.

After seeing a magic vision, Changkom Kev tells him to rescue Sela Mony, as he believes the girl is linked to his student by fate.

He then tries his best to follow the advice of his teachers.

After much fighting, Chul Vek eventually takes over and restores peace to the people. However, his teacher has been killed by two powerful servants of Chongkom Pech.

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