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Businesses in Sihanoukville told to clean up

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:

Preah Sihanouk provincial authorities and relevant departments have asked businesses and tour operators in Sihanoukville to enhance the city’s beauty and prevent sewage from flowing into the sea, while warning of administrative measures for those failing to comply.

A notice concerning order at Ochheuteal Beach was issued on Sunday by the provincial governor and directors of the departments of environment, public works and transport, tourism, and land management, urban planning and construction.

It asked owners of businesses and tour agencies to stop putting chairs, tables and other objects on the beach. It also requested that animals not be fed in coastal areas, that sewage not be flowed into the sea and that motorcycles not be repaired on the beach.

The notice gave owners until Wednesday to heed its contents or administrative action would be taken against them.

Kong Sorphea, acting governor of Sihanoukville, warned business owners to comply with the notice.

“In case business owners fail to comply with the contents of the notice, we will take action to remove and confiscate tables, chairs and other materials to be kept at City Hall without any liability for the damage or loss of property,” he said.

Ly Vanda, deputy governor of Sihanoukville, yesterday went to inspect the environment along Ariston Beach in Lek Boun commune.

He said provincial authorities had previously informed stall owners along the beach to take down their stalls to make it beautiful along the coast again.

A working team removed the remaining 12 stalls with good cooperation from the owners, he added.

“We have advised vendors at the beach not to build stalls or place tables and chairs along the coast any more, which leads to a loss of beauty,” he said. “And we told provincial authorities to improve sanitation along the coast for national and international tourists visiting Preah Sihanouk province.”

Sim Chumroth, owner of the 991 Restaurant along Ochheuteal Beach, said she supported efforts by provincial authorities to clean up the environment and make the coast more beautiful.

However, she asked provincial authorities to improve the sewage system and recommended they have a vehicle to clean up waste on the beach.

“We really support efforts to clean the beach because we as vendors also want to have a beautiful beach to attract tourists,” she said.

Preparation to improve the environment and make Sihanoukville more beautiful takes place as Cambodia plans to celebrate National Clean City Day under the theme “Clean Cities for All” today.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Hun Sen urged people to participate in the Clean City Contest to make Cambodia become a green tourist destination for national and international tourists.

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