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Couple recovering from gunshot wounds

Pav Suy / Khmer Times Share:
The female victim is wheeled into the hospital after being shot by a motorist. Fresh News

A man and his girlfriend have been hospitalised at Calmette Hospital after being shot at by the driver of a car they almost had an accident with on Sunday while on the way home from dinner in Phnom Penh, police said yesterday.

Eng Sorphea, municipal penal police chief, said that the couple was driving on a road in Sen Sok district’s Phnom Penh Thmey commune on Sunday night when they almost had a crash with another car.

The driver of the other car then rolled down his window and began firing multiple gunshots at them, he said.

“The victim left home with his girlfriend to eat out in front of Wat Botum pagoda,” he said. “But when they were driving home and were nearly at their house, their car almost hit another car, so the person in that car started shooting at them.”

“The girl was shot at three times and the man was shot at two times,” he added.

He said that police are looking for the suspect involved in the shooting. Local media identified the victims as Kong Varin, 31, and his girlfriend Kin Vin, 25.

A doctor at Calmette Hospital said that the victims’ injuries are not life-threatening and noted that they are recovering.

“It is not a serious injury. The man got shot and the bullet was taken out and the woman was not seriously injured either,” the doctor said. “The man got hit by one bullet right below the clavicle and he was very lucky; any lower and it could have hit his heart.”

A bullet hole on the car of the victims. Fresh News

The doctor said that he was unclear about which part of the woman’s body was shot, but noted she is not suffering from a life-threatening injury.

Meas Sarith, Phnom Penh Thmey commune police chief, said that police are still investigating the case and he has assigned officers to the hospital to interview the victims.

“There has not been any clues as to who shot them yet,” he said. “We assigned our police officers in charge of the criminal case to go to the hospital to seek more information.”

Nhem Vuthy, a police officer who visited the hospital, said the victims have not yet been able to speak with police.

“The victims are injured and the doctors did not allow us to get in to meet them,” he said. “They are still treating them and we will have to wait to gather more information.”

Municipal police chief Chuon Sovann said the investigation remains in its early stages.

“The result of our investigation cannot be revealed yet because it is ongoing,” he said. “I cannot say any more because it could disturb the investigation.”

“Our police are working very hard to find the suspect,” he added.

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