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Cloth left inside woman’s womb

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
The woman received compensation from the health department. KT/Chor Sokunthea

A woman who had a handkerchief left in her belly during a caesarean section late last year will receive free follow-up care at Phnom Penh’s Calmette Hospital thanks to the Prime Minister’s wife.

The victim’s sister, who declined to give her name, identified her sister as Dim Srey Mom, 35, a teacher at Peam Chi Kang High School in Kampong Cham province’s Kang Meas district.

She said that on October 25, her sister delivered her first child by C-section at the Kampong Cham provincial hospital, but had repeated stomach pains following the surgery.

She said her sister returned to the hospital and was given medicine, but that did not resolve the problem.

Ms Srey Mom decided to have surgery again at a private clinic in Phnom Penh on January 19 where a handkerchief was discovered in her belly, according to the victim’s sister.

She added her family had returned to the provincial hospital to ask for compensation but had been asked to wait, so on Saturday, her family sought intervention from the Kampong Cham provincial governor.

“She is a little bit better now. When my sister had surgery again, they found a handkerchief in her belly. That’s why she was always in pain after delivery. We can barely believe it,” she said.

“My sister’s health is better and we got some donations from the Prime Minister’s wife and the hospital in Kampong Cham. We will not file a complaint to make this problem worse.”

According to a Facebook post by the Kampong Cham provincial administration on Saturday, Ms Srey Mom received $5,000 from the provincial health department and an additional $1,250 from Kampong Cham Governor Kuoch Chamroeun following her urgent request for intervention.

All fees incurred at Calmette Hospital for follow-up care will be taken care of by Prime Minister Hun Sen’s wife Bun Rany, the post added.

Kim Sour Phirun, head of the Kampong Cham provincial health department, confirmed yesterday that the victim had surgery at the provincial hospital and that the health department will be held responsible for her health issues.

“The hospital is responsible for her health. Our doctors will be disciplined via professional doctors’ rules about carelessness during surgery. But we have not decided on any punishment just yet because we are still investigating,” he said. Health Ministry spokesman Or Vandin could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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