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Secret Tear

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Most of us look up to celebrities for their physical attributes. We scream our lungs out during mall shows and TV appearances. We dance their songs and follow the trends they set. We treat them as queens and kings. And we often forget that they are just ordinary people. We look at how perfect they are in their clothes and accessories, but we always fail to recognise that behind the gorgeous looks are people who also live normal lives and suffer pains as much as we all do.

“Secret Tear” takes us into the world of a famous singer Yitho who enjoyed the love of thousands of people who have vowed loyalty to his band. Yitho’s fans sang and danced to his band’s songs. To say that he was famous was even an understatement.

But unknown to many of his fans, Yitho held with him an agony he wasn’t allowed to show in public. Nobody knew that Yitho suffered trauma after his mother was shot dead and his journalist father seemed to have died with her, too. The rise of Yitho’s status in the entertainment industry also meant he had to keep his feelings and maintain a happy aura in the eyes of his loyal followers. But with all the chaos and pretensions of the industry he was in, Yitho somehow enjoyed one thing: the mystery behind the flowers he kept on receiving.

Yitho met a loving and honest girl named Sarika. Weary of the glits and glamour, Yitho found solace in Sarika’s arms. She made him feel like there was a world beyond the cameras and lights. Sarika was the person Yitho ran to every time he remembered how his life shifted after his mother died and how his father turned into a hopeless and depressed man. Yitho was forced to drop from school and pursued a career in the show business to earn money for himself and his father.

Sarika, Yitho’s girlfriend, was a troubled and pained girl as well. Though she lived in a fancy house and had the money that can buy anything, she was unhappy. She grew up with a father who had several women and a mother who was too weak and lonely to fight for her family.

Both Yitho and Sarika knew that their refuge was in each other’s arms. And they promised to love each other beyond their troubles and hurts. But fate played an unfunny game against the lovers.

Yitho’s father was diagnosed with several serious illnesses after he vomited blood. Yitho had no money to support his father’s medical needs. Out of desperation, he decided to meet the mystery woman who kept on giving him flowers.

Kolap, a lonely woman who had developed a certain kind of longing for Yitho, met the singer and asked him to fill her empty and sad life. Yitho slept with her and was given five hundred dollars. It later turned out that Kolap was Sarika’s mother.

As if that was not devastating enough for Yitho, he also soon discovered that the person behind his mother’s death was Sarika’s father, Bandit – a man whose greed for power and money pushed him to kill people and abandon his own family.

The characters’ lives were intertwined by unfortunate circumstances that had made them bitter and disturbed individuals. In search of light and genuine joy, they all ended up taking different paths and lived their lives separately.

“Secret Tear”, a masterpiece by Un Sokheang, focused on the sadness of people we often thought were trouble-free. The book was full of pain, but it also was full of enlightening scenes that would make its readers believe that no life is perfect – even those of famous celebrities and affluent families.

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