What colour shirt shouldn’t I wear?

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Dear sir,

I am a foreign retiree and have been living in Cambodia for several years now after becoming fed up with Thailand, where I tried to retire to quite a few years ago.

My life as a retiree started well enough in Thailand and it was certainly cheaper than living in my own country, England. At first the hot and spicy Thai food didn’t agree with my stomach and I needed to get a good pair of running shoes, but then I discovered a lot of Irish and English pubs with real food – fish and chips, toad in the hole and bangers and mash.

Then there was some sort of political trouble and thousands of people took to the streets wearing yellow shirts. They set up stages, made speeches and generally made a nuisance of themselves.

Not too long after they disappeared, another group of angry people wearing red shirts took over the centre of Bangkok. It was dangerous to go to that area and eventually Thailand’s army got rid of them, but not before buildings were burned and a lot of people were killed. I saw it all on the BBC from the safety of my apartment.

My English-speaking landlord had advised me to throw out all my yellow and red shirts so I wouldn’t get mistaken for a local with a political agenda.

Then another group of angry people took to the streets, mostly wearing yellow shirts again, and blew whistles non-stop and nearly drove everybody crazy.

So I decided to move somewhere more peaceful and came to Cambodia. There’s English and Irish pubs here and the bangers and mash is cheaper than Bangkok. And so is the beer.

But now I read in the papers that there’s warnings about a colour revolution in Cambodia. I don’t have any interest in politics anywhere, but I want to be sure I don’t wear the wrong colour shirt when I venture out. Can you advise me on a neutral colour so I’m not mistaken as one of the rabble rousers?

Mr G Raffe (ret), Phnom Penh.

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