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Students faint in Pailin again

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
Some of the students who fainted. Supplied

Six students at Santepheap Secondary School in Pailin province fainted on Monday, the fourth time students have fainted at the school this month.

Pach Sopheak, a Sala Krau district police officer, said the six students were between 11 and 16 years old.

Mr Sopheak said that one of the students was sick the day before, and that the illness was likely the cause for the fainting spell.

For the other five students, Mr Sopheak said that each of them blamed strong smells from fresh paint that had been applied to some tables at the school.

“One student said that he was sick, and when he came to school, he became tired and fainted,” he said. “For the other five students, they said they went to the library and went to play near the tables that were just painted and then they fainted.”

Ang Neang, chief of the provincial health department, said officials were reviewing the case to determine the true cause.

Mr Neang said officials had previously determined that the students may have fainted because they were consuming too many energy drinks.

“For this new case, we still do not know the cause and those unconscious students are the same students that fainted before,” he said. “They were told to take more time off from school, but came back early.”

“Our officials have been working with the police to prepare doctors to be at the school,” he added.

Some of the students who fainted. Supplied

According to Sala Krau district police, there were three other fainting spells at the school this month, some of which included the same students.

Health Ministry spokesman Ly Sovann also said that a leading cause of school faintings can be attributed to students consuming too many energy drinks, which leads to symptoms such as vomiting and panic attacks that can cause loss of consciousness.

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