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Garment wages soar

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Some staff now earn $480 per month. KT/Ven Rathavong

Research has shown some staff in the garment sector can now earn up to $480 each month as unions and the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia congratulated workers for taking home the new minimum monthly wage of $170 for the first time.

Staff in the garment and footwear sector received their first pay packet at the higher rate on February 10.

According to research by The National of Trade Unions Coalition, which involved more than 30 factories, ordinary staff can now earn between $238 and $260 per month, including benefits.

NTUC president Far Saly said the wage hike would benefit the lives of workers and their families.

“Workers who are paid according to the quantity of products, they can earn between $280 and $480 per month including benefits, while workers on probation can earn $182 to $210 per month,” he said.

GMAC deputy secretary-general Kaing Monika said NTUC’s research on wages reflected what member factories were paying out.

“While we congratulate workers on their new wage levels, we would also like to express our concern over the competitiveness of our industry,” he said.

Two weeks ago, GMAC issued an appeal to buyers to continue to support Cambodia and place sufficient orders at fair prices for factories, in line with rising wages for workers.

“To workers and unions: please participate in the effort of the factory management to improve productivity, strengthen the quality of goods and reduce wastage in production and in the factory as a whole. Practice proper work attitude, respect working times and be highly responsible for assigned work and duties,” the statement said.

The GMAC statement also said factory leaders must strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of management systems, while it asked the government to make trade easier by improving public infrastructure and minimising fees and bureaucracy.

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