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Welcoming the Year of the Dog

Say Tola and Agnes Alpuerto / Khmer Times Share:

With the presence of Chinese nationals all over the globe, it is not anymore surprising how Chinese New Year has become a worldwide revelry. And as the Year of the Earth Dog starts today, Cambodia joins in the celebration. Phnom Penh sidewalks have been filled with red lanterns, ang paos, charms and couplets since January – a solid proof of how much influence the Chinese tradition has in the Kingdom.
Mouth-watering Chinese dishes such as dumplings, noodles and fish are now surely taking the spotlight on our dining tables. Who’s not celebrating this huge and colourful festivity, anyway? Good Times2’s.

Say Tola and Agnes Alpuerto asked some locals on how they celebrate Chinese New Year.

Soung Sreypov a graduate of Vanda Institute of Accounting

“Every nation has its own culture and tradition. For Cambodia, we have lots of ceremonies and I think other nations like China also has lots, too. Though it is considered a tradition for Chinese people, I also believe that celebrating Chinese New Year brings fortune. My family does not have any Chinese blood but we celebrate Chinese New Year every single year. We think the celebration brings us more peace in the family. Good things happen to us, too.”

Soung Sreypov a graduate of Vanda Institute of Accounting.

Roat Nimul Men head of operations at Arise Agency

“We prepare many kinds of food and fruits and offer them to our dead relatives. After praying, we hold a party with all the family members. On New Year’s Day, we go out and visit tourist sites in Cambodia. Sometimes, we stay at home and have some fun. This event means so much to our family because we are of Chinese ancestry. My mother’s grandfather is a Chinese. It has been our tradition ever since.”

Roat Nimul Men head of operations at Arise Agency

Chanden an employee at JBL Mekong

“I always celebrate Chinese New Year with my family and relatives. Before the New Year, I clean the whole house and decorate it with yellow flowers because I believe it brings happiness and good fortune. It also makes my family feel happy and comfortable. On New Year’s Day, friends and relatives offer fruits and special food. We visit pagodas and pray for our deceased relatives. We also burn clothes, gold and ‘ghost’ money as offering to the spirits. Chinese New Year is a day where we spend quality time with the family.”

Chanden is an employee at JBL Mekong

Hong Cheang an employee

“My family always celebrates it every year. We also buy yellow flowers and display it during the Chinese New Year. Normally, we greet our families and relatives and wish them well. When people visit our house, they always hang money on the yellow tree. We really believe that it brings us luck.
I honestly do not know what the celebration really is, but we never fail to celebrate it.”

Hong Cheang is an employee
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