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Go Green Cambodia officially launched a new app. KT/Srey Kumneth

To further push its advocacy for a greener and cleaner environment, Go Green Cambodia officially launched a new app that enables people to rate the cleanliness of specific places around the country.

Go Green app features GPS to track the location of the user in real time. With this, the app user can pin his location on the map and put a rate on that location according to how clean or dirty it is.

During last week’s launching at the University of Puthisastra, Phnom Penh City Hall Governor Eang Aunny, officials from the Ministry of Environment and students showed solid support to Go Green Cambodia’s newest undertaking.

Natalja Rodionova, co-founder of Go Green Cambodia, explained that the new idea of creating the app was conceptualized to push more Cambodians to help clean and save Mother Nature.

The organisation has been organising several clean-up activities and workshops over the years. The Go Green app now serves as a tool for people, especially young Cambodians who have access to technology, to use what they have to make Cambodia a better place to live in.

“This mobile application allows people to be aware of their environment and rate the cleanliness status of their community. It also helps them to create their own cleanup events so they can encourage more of their fellow youth. In order to see changes and progress, we should not wait for someone to do things for us. We have to act by ourselves,” said Ms Natalja.

The user only needs to pin unhappy face on their map if the place is untidy, or pin a happy face if their current location is clean and well-maintained. Users can also pin an image of a trash bin to places that do not have anything for people to throw their garbage into.

“We urge people to use this app, aiming to see what’s going on in the city. Which streets are clean or dirty. If everyone uses this, the City Hall or Ministry of Environment will also have access to the data gathered by the app. This is how the government will see the changes they need to implement,” she added.

She also noted that the organisation has already made significant improvements in the country since it was founded in 2016.

H.E. Ngin Lina, general director of the Department of Environmental Knowledge and Information of the Ministry of Environment, emphasised that the condition of the environment is continuously being affected by humans’ daily activities.

“So far, the ministry has made lots of campaigns regarding to the consequences of a dirty environment. We asked help from the media to create a platform for open discussions on environmental awareness.

We want to urge people to join our campaign and host activities that will benefit the environment. We have also infused this campaign to the curriculum so many students will be fully aware of the government’s advocacy. The youth should be the catalyst of change,” said Ms Lina.

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