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Ministers meet again to send workers to Malaysia

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Workers are expected to begin travelling to Malaysia by June. Supplied

The Labour Minister led a delegation to visit Malaysia last week to discuss sending migrant labourers and maids there with the country’s Minister of Human Resources.

The Ministry of Labour issued a statement on Friday saying that Labour Minister Ith Samheng met with Human Resources Minister Dato’ Sri Richard Anak Jaem to discuss the implementation of an MoU to recruit, train, and send workers to Malaysia.

“During the meeting, both parties discussed and agreed with each other on the procedures and conditions for orientation, and both countries also agreed to issue a certification for Cambodian workers to verify their abilities before they travel to work in Malaysia,” the statement said.

Last week’s meeting was the fifth between the ministers to discuss the agreement that was first reached in 2015. Workers are expected to begin travelling to the country for work by June.

Mr Samheng said last month that according to Malaysia, there were currently more than 8,000 Cambodians working legally in Malaysia, both maids and general labourers.

This number is much reduced since Cambodia banned sending workers to Malaysia in 2011.

In October 2011, the Cambodian government imposed a moratorium on its citizens working as domestic helpers in Malaysia due to reports of abuse by employers.

The ministers say that the new agreement will ensure the safety of Cambodian workers and maids because both parties have spent a lot of time creating a set of measures to protect them.

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