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Jailbreak foiled in Stung Treng

Pav Suy / Khmer Times Share:
Prison guards fired warning shots to stop the attempted jailbreak. Supplied

Five inmates attempted to escape from Stung Treng provincial prison on Saturday afternoon after breaking a gate but were caught before making it off the premises when security guards began firing warning shots into the air.

Chhim Thida, the prison’s director, said that the five inmates attempted to escape while security guards were not paying close attention during shower hours.

“They ran out from the prison at 2.45pm, but they were still on the premises of the prison,” he said. “They took the chance to make an escape when we let them have a bath.”

“There were a total of five inmates. All of them were Laotians who had committed drug related offences. Three of them were already convicted, while the other two inmates are still awaiting trial.”

During the operation to capture the inmates, Mr Thida said security guards were forced to fire warning shots into the air to prevent them from continuing their brazen run to freedom.

“We could not do anything else but fire four to five shots into the air in order to stop them from running away,” he said. “Right now, we are repairing the door which they broke and I am reporting this case to my superiors.”

Brigadier General Chan Kimseng, director of the General Department of Prisons, confirmed the incident, but declined to comment.

Last year, five convicts, four Cambodians and one Laotian, were also caught while attempting to escape from the same prison by breaking through the ceiling of their cell.

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