Sihanoukville governor slams construction gate

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Authorities inspect the construction site. Supplied

Preah Sihanouk town authorities on Wednesday ordered the dismantling of a construction site gate that was encroaching upon public land and a canal in Boun commune.

Governor Y Sokleng yesterday said the encroachment was on a small scale but still needed correction.

“The case was not so bad that our fellow brothers and sisters need to be shocked about it,” he said.

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“The owner of the construction claimed that they built the gate around their land boundary. However, when I ordered our working group to conduct an onsite measurement, it was encroaching by 1.5 metres.”

Mr Sokleng said that as of yesterday the gate was yet to be dismantled, though he had already told the owner to dismantle it.

“After finding out that it encroached, we educated the owner and asked for it to be dismantled,” he said. “But it is not yet dismantled. I have ordered them to dismantle it again.”

“We won’t let it stay,” he added. “The owner did not request proper permission before the construction.”

Local media identified the owner of the construction as Chem Kosal, a police officer working at the Ministry of Interior.

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Mr Kosal could not be reached for comment.

However, he told local media that the land where the gate was built belonged to him and he had an ownership title.

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  1. Mr.Governor, look into the cleanliness of Sihanouk ville. It is pathetic. Uncollected garage despite the exorbitant fee charged. Then, there is the construction debris to look into. Why the gate by a mere 1.5 meters which is petty compared to other issues affecting city of Sihanoukville?

    Certain roads are horrible. You don’t even have many roads in the city, why the many damages to the road s, especially the one from next to NASA guesthouse all the way to Ekareach at the CIMB traffic lights.

    One more issue that I want to highlight. The motodop service. License them. Get them to wear uniforms.

  2. every day tons of plastic and trash from construction sites are burned in Sihanoukville, even though there is a law prohibiting trash burning. The local police has not once stopped somebody from burning trash because apparently they cannot find a fire! AND YOU WORRY ABOUT AN ENCROACHMENT….!!!

  3. all the construction equipment indiscriminately destroying the roads so just getting to the highway from the beach takes the better part of an hour & they focus on a 1.5 meter gate encroachment? clearly someone forgot to pay off the relevant officials. the companies building these huge casinos, resorts, etc need to pitch in for infrastructure otherwise you have a slum on your hands.