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The SAINTS come marching in

Srey Kumneth / Khmer Times Share:
UYFC aims to help train Cambodian youth to become the pillars and backbone of the nation. Srey Kumneth

The Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia is now in its fourth decade of being the nation’s symbol of youth movement and volunteerism.

UYFC founders and members celebrated 40 years of successful projects and growing youth power with a concert last week.

Hun Many, president of UYFC, said the organization’s main goal is to be the force that drives young Cambodians to work together for a better society. Mr. Many credited all the organization’s members and volunteers for the progress they had made in the past four decades.

Mr. Many has received numerous international accolades and last week was given a Padma award by the Indian government as recognition for his work as the country’s youngest parliamentarian and president of the UYFC. The awards are approved by the president of India and considered one of the highest civilian honours in the country.

“UYFC aims to help train Cambodian youth to become the pillars and backbone of the nation and as potential successors to preserve past achievements and to achieve socio-economic development in the future. We also do not tolerate discrimination of religion. We promote openness for people regardless of what they believe in,” Mr. Many said.

Hun Many,
president of UYFC.
Photo: Srey Kumneth

He added that with the youth’s commitment to uphold and preserve Khmer culture and tradition, the organization will continue to exist.

“Through UYFC, we can show everyone what Cambodia has to offer.”

The youth organization consistently holds vocational trainings and educational guidance on science and technology to strengthen its members’ skills and talents. UYFC also creates programmes for disabled and vulnerable young Cambodians and empowers them to be competent and confident.

Mr. Many added that the UYFC also champions sports and arts as vital factors for youth development. He reassured UYFC’s members that it will continue to help maintain peace, security and freedom for the young generation.

“The youth’s active participation in nation-building is the key towards the opening of more doors of opportunities. The leadership trainings we have in the organization will provide you knowledge and strength as you embrace more responsibilities bestowed on you.”

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