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Discover your talent in cooking with Khmer Cooking Recipe app

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Hello, food lovers! There’s finally a mobile application that teaches you how to cook your favorite Khmer cuisine. With the Khmer Cooking Recipe app, you can now enjoy making your own dishes.

The app provides names of different dishes complete with easy-to-follow procedures and list of ingredients so you can achieve the perfect taste of your food.

Most of the courses found in the app are popular in the Cambodian dining scene. Photos and videos of the food are also provided for an easier and more convenient cooking tutorial experience. The dishes are grouped according to the kind of meat they use. Khmer Cooking Recipe app uses the Khmer language.

Here’s the best part: You don’t need an Internet connection to access the app, which can be downloaded on App Store or Google Play.

Choosing the type of meat

The app is user-friendly. You can easily see and identify the categories it offers. To start your cooking tutorial, you first have to choose the type of meat you want to cook. There are a variety of dishes listed under the pork, seafood and other meat categories.

Stay updated

Khmer Cooking Recipe also has a button which you can click to update the food information. Once you update, you will see the added recipes you can choose from. It’s important to always keep the app updated so you don’t miss out on new dish choices.

Specific details provided

After you have decided on the specific dish you want to achieve perfectly, you can check on the list of ingredients you will need. All details of the ingredients are provided in the app so you won’t have a hard time buying them. And most of the stuff you will need can easily be found on markets and groceries.

More functions

Found on the left corner of the app is another function button. By clicking it, you will see more categories of the Khmer recipes. You can also save and share the recipes that you tried and love. The app also provides a comment section where you can give out suggestions.

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