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Read, share books on Khmer Library app

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times Share:

You can read hundreds of Khmer books on the Khmer Library mobile app. Reading books is an effective way of gaining knowledge. The more you read, the wider your view of the world becomes. This educational application allows users to read and also contribute books that they have already read.

Get this app for your children to assist their education. Khmer Library offers free access to thousands of books in Khmer and foreign languages for Cambodian children, teenagers, and adults. There is a wide range of books available to enjoy for hours of fun reading.

Moreover, the Khmer Library was developed to provide reading materials based on a nonprofit status. Permission to use, copy and distribute documents and graphics delivered from this app is granted under the authorisation of the creators or owners. So the owners of the books are safe to keep their own property on this application.

Additionally, if any reading material in the app is not allowed for distribution for non-commercial and educational purposes, the creator or the owner can ask Khmer Library to remove the materials and it will do so immediately. Download everything from international bestsellers to your favourite comics. Get this mobile application for free on both store App Store and Google Play.

Choose a book to read

After you have downloaded the app from your store, you can start selecting your favourite books to read. There are several categories for you to choose from such as newly published books, books for kids, books for teenagers, and books for adults. So at any age readers can enjoy books contributed by the other users. Moreover, you can contribute a book that you have already read or are reading, too.

Choosing your favourite books

To help you select your favourite book or a book that you wish to read, all the descriptions are shown. All the information on the books is provided including the publisher, the published date, a short description of the book and so on. If you want to read a book, just click on Download so that it will go to your own library.

Downloaded books

After you have downloaded the book that you want, your book will be in the Downloads file on the app, which you can read at any time you want. You do not need to access the Internet to read the book that you have downloaded.

Create your own account

In order to get a book to read on this app, you need to create your own account. You can create your own account by either connecting via Facebook or providing your email. By creating your own account, you can also start sharing your own books with the other users.

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