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Reading on Wheels: Aide et Action aims to step up reading habits

Say Tola / Khmer Times Share:
Aide et Action launches its programme in Kandal province. KT/Say Tola

Despite the evident progress of the quality of education in the kingdom, it is undeniable that the students in remote areas still lack access to books and the habit of reading is still noticeably low. Most students in the provinces do not get an easy and fast access to reading materials that they need for better learning.

To help solve this dilemma, an international non-government organisation recently launched the “More Reading, More Opportunity” campaign in Saang Phnom commune in Kandal province.

Aide et Action, with its goal to support students get a hand of educational materials, created a mobile library. Students and any one in the community can borrow books and bring them at home to read. The mobile library offers a wide range of folktale books that do not just help students further understand their subjects at school, but also give them words of wisdom they can use in everyday life.

Aside from the mobile library, Aide et Action also held a reading competition among Grade 3 to Grade 6 students from three primary schools in Saang district.

The students were given reading materials and were judged according to how well they pronounced and comprehended what they were tasked to read.

Chhoeung Marong, programme coordinator of Aide et Action in Cambodia, said that the programme aims to create a habit of reading among students so as to stir curiosity and expand the students’ knowledge on things.

He added that raising the capability of reading also allows people to create opportunities for themselves as it helps people strengthen their skills.

“Aide et Action has done many activities related to education since 2003. We are doing more activities nowadays which are basically focussed on reading. We collaborated with Sipar since 2004. By undertaking this activity, I would like to encourage all parents to urge their children to read more and more,” he said.

“This programme will help entice students to read, unless their parents can be their role models in reading. And now it is really convenient for them to have access to books because the mobile library is now operating in nine villages in Saang commune.” Mr Marong added.

Deputy Director of the Provincial Education Department Ing Tharin praised the efforts of the Aide et Action in helping students in Saang district.

The organisation has already provided educational materials as well as breakfast meals for teachers and students in the Krang Yov and Saang Phnom commune.

“Today we got a mobile library from Aide et Action again because Krang Yov used to get a television installation. For this new generation, young kids tend to play game on smartphones rather than reading,” said Mr Tharin.

Mr Tharin added that reading plays a vital role in all academic subjects, especially in Math.

Math requires thorough understanding. Without reading, the problems get more difficult to comprehend and solve. Mr Tharin also encouraged students to take advantage of the mobile library and not put the effort of Aide et Action to waste.

Reading materials are already made available for people’s easy grab. All they need is to push themselves to read more.

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