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Basic make-up tips for university students

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A makeup kit. Supplied

You’ve been up all night, reading all your notes for an exam the next day. Or you are probably already feeling exhausted on a Monday morning because you spent the weekend doing school projects. Whatever it is you are going through, do not fret. Dear student, smile and feel beautiful!

Youth Today has collated some of the most practical and easy to follow make-up application tips for you, just in case you need a little color on your face to enhance your natural beauty.

There are hundreds of make-up tutorials over the web, but always make sure that since you are going to school, keep it natural and simple.

Step 1: Clean your face

It is important to have a clean face before you start putting on your make-up. Wash your face with lukewarm water and your facial cleanser. Take note that facial cleansers differ from each other. You’re lucky if you found the facial cleanser that suits your skin. Some facial cleansers irritate your face and cause redness. Be careful.

Step 2: Apply foundation

Apply a small amount of liquid foundation to your cheeks, forehead nose and chin. You can use your fingers to evenly spread the foundation on your face. The liquid foundation will help even out your skin tone and hide blemishes. Don’t forget to put liquid foundation on your neck and jawline, too.

Step 3: Dab some powder

To make sure your foundation lasts throughout the day, you will need the help of a pressed powder. Using a fluffy brush, dab the powder on your face in a circular motion. Make sure to apply the powder on your forehead and nose because they look the oiliest. The powder will help you have a shine-free face and will help the foundation set.

A makeup kit. Supplied

Step 4: Choose a good eyeshadow

This one is a little complicated. Choosing the right color of an eyeshadow depends on your eye color and your eye size. And since eyes are considerably the most attractive and most noticeable part of your face, you surely don’t want to mess up with your eyeshadow. But for starters, a light or nude colored eyeshadow is a good choice. Gently sweep the eyeshadow brush on your eyelid. Do not press too hard so as not to damage the eye. A good eyeshadow will make your eyes look more alive.

Step 5: Be careful with the mascara

The mascara helps define your eyes and give it more glow. However, applying mascara must be done with caution or you’ll end up looking scary. Swipe the mascara wand on your eye lashes, starting from the base of the eyelids. You should do this as slowly and as surely as possible so as not to smudge the black ink on your eyelid or poke your eye. Apply a second coat of the mascara on your upper lashes if needed.

Step 6: Color your cheeks

It always looks nice and fab to have some pinkish color on your cheeks. And because some of us aren’t gifted with naturally rosy cheeks, we’ll need the help of a blush. Swipe some blush on your cheeks using a fluffy brush. To achieve a perfect look, you should smile while applying the blush. This will highlight your cheekbones.

Step 7: Finish with a lip tint or balm

Since you’re on your way to the university, it is advisable not too use bloody red or attention-seeking shades for your lips. You can use a pink lip tint if you want to add some colors. But a lip balm or chapstick will do. These cosmetics will help moisturise your lips, making it look shinier and less dry.

Putting on make-up is not as complicated as you think. Though choosing the cosmetic brands that suit your skin type is not a piece of cake. There are dozens of make-up brands out in the market, make sure you get the one that won’t cause you troubles.

And remember, the purpose of cosmetics is simply to enhance and highlight the beauty that is already in you. You don’t need to buy the most expensive make-up kits and apply the trendiest shades just to feel gorgeous and confident at school. Keep it simple. You are already beautiful in your own way.

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