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The Winter love

Say Tola / Khmer Times Share:

Maybe it is the power of fate that arranged us to meet each other. I, Kadek, used to be a quiet and humble man, yet once I met you at the movie theatre, I become a talkative one. I declared everything, like a radio that a girl sits next to. What made me like this?

Oh! My winter season. During the long nights, it is quite romantic to listen to the radio, especially classical songs. What a beautiful night listen to the sweet voice of this MC! Her name is Bophea, yet her voice is like that of a girl I’ve encountered. That is her, the girl who sits next to me. Oh girl, why do you reveal me to your audience? Maybe she is interested in me, as I am also a handsome guy.

Walking past the park, I see Bophea and I immediately follow her. This is a very unlucky day; she sees me but doesn’t even look at me. She and her friend talk with another guy; this man seems really famous. In a few minutes, I’ll try to tease her again. As a result, I get attention from her friend. Why not her?

The Earth keeps moving every day. But for me, I’m so lonely but I have only radio as a partner. But the most special thing with my partner is that I can hear the voice of Bophea every night. However, today is her last day on the radio. What has happened to her?

Today is December 24, I have a bunch of wild guava flowers to send to Bophea to wish her a Merry Christmas. In that bunch, I have also put a letter for her and asked her to watch a movie with me. Yet I receive a letter from her and chocolates, brought by a little boy. After reading it, I feel the longing. It has been beautiful, but I must fly back to Singapore as my father has a severe disease.

After having been through many troubles, in a sad and exciting story, these two characters meet each other again while camping two years later.

Written by the famous author Sok Chanphal, “Winter Love” doesn’t only depict love. At the same time, it teaches people to struggle and fight for their loved ones. Also, it shows readers the role of a good child in the family. No matter what, parents still forgive and encourage their children.

Some scenes, promote the classical songs of the beloved singers Sin Sisamout and Ros Sereysothea. More than that, it amplities the beauty of Cambodia.

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