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Takeo weed plantation destroyed

Ven Rathavong / Khmer Times Share:
Police burned 21,371 marijuana plants in Takeo province yesterday. Supplied

Takeo provincial police yesterday burned more than 20,000 marijuana plants in Kirivong district.

Lieutenant Colonel Mak Serey Vathana said the plants were found during a raid following a police investigation and reports from villagers in the area.

The police also destroyed wells used to store water for the marijuana plants.

According to Lt Col Vathana, they found 21,371 plants at 56 locations in Preah Bat Choan Chum commune.

“We check that area monthly because it is a location in which it is easy to hide,” Lt Col Vathana said, adding the plants were located on small land plots along the mountain, in order to evade police. He said the drugs were planted by villagers in the district because many were poor and in a precarious situation, which makes them easy targets for brokers.

“We always tell the villagers about the impact of drugs, and that planting marijuana is illegal,” he said. “We are investigating to find the brokers who hired villagers to plant marijuana.”

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