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Labour Minister, officials visit workers in Thailand

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Minister of Labour Ith Samheng meets workers in Thailand’s Saraburi province. Supplied

Ministry of Labour officials have called for Cambodians working in Thailand to respect and follow the law of that country and avoid being illegal labour.

Ith Samheng, the Labour Minister, on Wednesday spoke to more than 500 Cambodian workers, who are among the more than 1,700 Cambodians employed by Sun Food International in Saraburi province in Thailand, during his three-day visit to the country.

“Everyone who is working and living in Thailand has to follow the laws of this country in order to avoid becoming illegal workers and losing their benefits, being punished or convicted,” he said.

Mr Samheng also told the workers to take care of their health, to try to learn new skills for their future and to help each other as one family.

“We asked the company to continue accepting Cambodian workers and to give the same benefits to them as Thai workers,” said Mr Samheng. “The embassy has to pay attention to solve any problems through the law of Thailand for our workers.”

The minister added that the good relationship between the Cambodian and Thai governments was a good opportunity for Cambodian workers to work in Thailand with assured safety and legality.

Late last year, the Thai government agreed to extend for six months the period for Cambodian officials to complete the registration and issuance of work permits for Cambodian workers in Thailand until June 2018.

Minister of the Interior Sar Kheng said on Monday that about 30 to 40 percent of about one million Cambodian migrant workers in Thailand were still undocumented.

Full story in Friday’s paper.

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