Thousands of crimes tackled by military police

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Military police worked on 4,917 cases in 2017, including 1,997 felonies. Supplied

Military police last year dealt with almost 5,000 crimes, according to the commander in chief of the force.

General Sao Sokha yesterday told an annual Defence Ministry meeting that the 4,917 cases included 1,997 felonies and 2,620 misdemeanours, in which 300 people died and 1,219 were injured.

Gen Sokha said the force also handled 57 incidents relating to security last year, including the detection of bombs, ammunition, and chemical explosives, as well as gas tank explosions. These incidents caused 26 deaths and injured 68 people.

He continued that there were 612 protests attended by military police in 2017, including 227 demonstrations, 384 strikes by workers and seven incidents involving leaflet distribution.

“Protesters demanded better working conditions, asked their companies to reinstate workers that had been sacked, requested bonuses, demanded bankrupt factories pay workers, asked Thai authorities to buy Cambodian agricultural products, sought intervention in land disputes, and asked the court to release land activists,” Gen Sokha said.

Illegal weapons possession cases fell last year. Supplied

The military police’s 2017 report stated that crimes such as kidnapping, murder and drug offences increased last year.

However, robberies, human trafficking and illegal weapons possession decreased, compared to 2016.

“The overall situation in 2017, the security environment and social order was well-maintained and stable,” Gen Sokha said.

“The fourth mandate of the commune election was also conducted without violence.”

The report also stated that besides the ordinary duties of the military police, 14,833 officers were sent to help strengthen the enforcement of laws by cracking down on illegal logging and collection of timber, arresting 345 suspects and seizing relevant evidence.

Forces also caught 273 perpetrators of fishing crimes and 1,950 tax-evaders.

A further 12 suspects were also arrested in crackdowns on mining crimes, while 30 people were apprehended for grabbing state land.

Defence Minister Tea Banh praised the professionalism of the military police.

“The military police successfully protect social security and public order, as well as prevent crimes and arrest suspects,” he said.

Gen Sokha said his force would continue to protect public order and security this year, especially during July’s general election.

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