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Forces crack down on counterfeit MSG

Ven Rathavong / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
About three tonnes of fake MSG were found. Supplied

The Interior Ministry’s anti-economic crimes police department raided three warehouses in Phnom Penh’s 7 Makara district over the past two days and found a huge haul of fake MSG.

Chirm Samath, an assistant to the director of the anti-economic crimes department, said police began their investigation after receiving a complaint from a Thai firm that manufactured MSG known as Thai Fermentation Industry Co Ltd.

He declined to provide detailed information, saying the case was ongoing.

The owner of the first location was identified as Tang Siem Kheng, 30, and the owner of the second location was named as Ung Song, 68.

According to a police report, officers raided three warehouses on Monday, but only two were examined. The third one was checked yesterday.

There were 3.26 tonnes of imitation MSG found at the first warehouse along with two packaging and bagging machines.

More than a quarter of a tonne of the counterfeit product was found at the second warehouse.

Police confiscated 7.46 tonnes of the fake product plus bagging and packing machines at the third warehouse.

In total, police said they confiscated about 11 tonnes of the fake flavour enhancer and 367 kilograms of packing plastic at the three locations.

Phnom Penh deputy prosecutor Ly Sophanna ordered all the evidence seized to be kept at the anti-economic crimes police department. He also ordered that the two warehouse owners be detained for questioning.

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