Man arrested for teen murder

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Nguy Y allegedly murdered a 13-year-old girl. Supplied

Police in Pursat province’s Phnom Kravang district have arrested a man who allegedly killed a 13-year-old girl and grievously injured two people before injuring himself on Thursday.

Tann Kearith, acting district police chief, identified the suspect as Nguy Y, 22.

Mr Kearith said the girl’s body was found in a forest near the road where she rode her bike to school every day.

Police officials first suspected the victim was raped and killed, but after Mr Y’s arrest, it turned out to be the result of a feud between two families.

“After questioning the suspect, we came to the conclusion that this was a premeditated murder because the victim’s family and that of the suspect used to argue with each other,” he said.

Mr Kearith said the suspect killed the girl by stabbing her in the stomach, and injured a passer-by who tried to save the victim where he heard her cries for help.

After the murder, Mr Y fled the scene and went to his fiancée, whom he stabbed before he turned the knife on himself, cutting his stomach.

When asked why he injured his fiancée and himself, the suspect said he wanted to make it look like the passer-by he injured when he tried to help the victim was responsible for the murder and attacked him and his fiancée as well.

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